Epilepsy Foundation - RESOURCES

Epilepsy foundation - resources!

Nurse Robbie has collaborated with the Epilepsy Foundation to bring you a series of videos busting myths, increasing awareness and advocating for people living with Epilepsy. Check out the videos on their website and across both of our social media!

Epilepsy is a chronic condition that causes recurrent, unprovoked seizures and is present in around 1% of the Australia population. With medication almost 70% of people living with epilepsy will have good control over their seizures! Want to learn more? As part of our collaboration the Epilepsy Foundation have provided a bunch of AMAZING, quality resources to be shared across both our platforms. See below!

Seizure first-aid

Not sure what to do if someone is having a seizure? Check out this Seizure First Aid from the Epilepsy Foundation!

More into Star Trek than public health websites? We’ve got you covered! Hear from the stars of the recent Star Trek films, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, about Seizure First Aid (Star Trek)

Epilepsy at School and/or Work

Not sure whether to tell your friends or colleagues about your epilepsy? Need advice on how to raise awareness or ensure your school is well-educated? There are some amazing resources available to help you learn more!

-Kristen Bell (star of Frozen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) talks about telling your friends you have epilepsy and how important and beneficial this conversation can be, as well as what might be difficult about this chat.

- Disclosing Epilepsy at School or Work is a personal choice with a lot of factors to consider. Learn more and make the decision that’s right for you!

-Smart Schools / Inclusive Schools is an amazing program to help school be more epilepsy-ready, including how to raise awareness, hold events and advocate for those living with epilepsy. A must-read for parents, teachers and students living with epilepsy!

What else?

Taking your medication can be one of the most important parts of a person’s journey living with epilepsy. If you’re prescribed anti-epileptic medication, learn more about its importance through this engaging video with Milo Ventimiglia!

Reading resources online is great but sometimes you just want to connect with people! Find Your Local epilepsy organisation and contact them for advice, resources and more!

WIth many thanks to the Epilepsy Foundation for their incredible work in raising awareness and advocating for people living with epilepsy. It was an absolute privilege to work together.