REBRAND: Hot on Health becomes Nurse Robbie

Hi fabulously health-aware humans.

We need to talk. I’ve been reflecting on how I can further the mission to help improve health literacy, increase the uptake of social media & technology in health and advocate for nurses by creating evidence-based, entertaining content.

In the past year Hot on Health-ers have watched 26000 minutes of content and clicked like 5000 times on my videos, but have also – coming as a huge surprise to me! – asked me to speak at national nursing conferences, pen articles and contribute consulting to various organisations. I even won a finalist award for Recently Graduated Primary Health Care Nurse of the Year 🎉 !!

I’ve learned so much in the past year about how to do this well (and definitely how not to do this well 😂) and I think I’m at a stage where I need to make some changes.

As you know, I am CRAZY passionate about the role of nurses in healthcare. We are the sparkle in the healthcare system, providing front-line medical care without fuss or fanfare 💖. Representing nursing is a real privilege and one I want to embrace.

For that reason, I’m switching my channel names from Hot on Health to Nurse Robbie… AKA who I am! I’ll still be producing content as always, just with a name that feels more “me”. Hot on Health isn’t disappearing; it will continue but only as one part of my work (the video aspect!) with my YouTube channel keeping that name. My website is still being updated to reflect this change but all my social media have now crossed over (@nurse_robbie for Twitter and Instagram, @nurserobbieofficial for Facebook because it was all I could get haha)– go and follow if you haven’t already, please!

Thanks for the love and support and get ready for more diverse content moving forward! And don’t forget Nurse Robbie’s motto: “There’s no healthcare without self-care” ❤️

PS Facebook wouldn’t let me change to just ‘Nurse Robbie’ because it thought it would confuse y’all, so I compromised with 'Nurse Robbie, Hot on Health'!