Nurse Robbie is a content creator with a passion for evidence-based information and has created his own original content for over thousands of viewers. He has also produced content for many organisations across areas such as Primary Health Care Nursing, Social Media and Technology in Health, Nurses in the Startup Space and more.


The work that Nurse Robbie is doing for health care and self care, is groundbreaking and vital. His content is incredibly well researched, engaging and digestible, and it extends to a very broad audience. It’s refreshing to see someone use training, education and innovation to greatly influence, educate and inspire a huge community of young people.
— Risk Key Productions


Video content

Video content is an essential tool for education and promotion. Nurse Robbie has written, produced and starred in his own video-series Hot on Health for over a year, perfecting the fine balance between education and entertainment. His videos have been viewed over 30,000 times in just over a year.

Nurse Robbie has created, written and/or been featured in video content for various organisations including The Sydney Opera House, ASHM, APNA, GoodFestival, Xabian and more. 



As part of Hot on Health, Nurse Robbie has produced a number of companion articles for his videos and is a confident, compassionate writer. Nurse Robbie has had articles featured across various other organisations including UTS: Health, for which one of his articles is the most-viewed article across the whole site, Nurse Uncut, The Haemophilia Foundation of Australia and more. 


social media

Social Media has become an integral part of life and business. Nurse Robbie has worked diligently on cultivating his own well-respected social media presence and is an ongoing social-media content creator for UTS: Health. Nurse Robbie is the ideal consultant if you need to deliver a training workshop for your team on the responsible use of social media or learn how to integrate social media into your business.


Nurse Robbie is an incredibly enthusiastic and passionate ambassador. As one of our UTS alumni, he’s an excellent advocate for primary health and community nursing, writing blogs and social media content for our students and wider community.
— UTS: Health


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