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I have answered that question about twenty times today! I wish I could just make and release a video about it...
— Nurse Robbie

And so an idea was born. After working in Primary Health Care for several months Nurse Robbie began to see a clear knowledge gaps in common health issues when different patients would all ask the same questions or believe the same myths. He wanted to address this on a broad scale but didn't know how. Then, in a moment of frustration and an off-hand comment (above), Hot on Health began to take shape. 

How does it work?

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Videos covering a wide range of different health-related topics will regularly be uploaded to the Hot on Health YouTube channel, Facebook page as well as here on the website! For every video, a companion mini-essay will provide a more detailed explanation of that issue. The topics will come from common knowledge gaps and myths in health, those featured in current affairs and also those requested by viewers via the website!

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Why do we need it?

Preventable health issues are on the rise and access to misinformation is easier than ever via the internet and social media. In order to make an impact, Public Health must meet this new trend in the way we consume information. Hot on Health is essential to this, by providing an evidenced-based but modern platform to engage technology users. Currently there is nothing like Hot on Health; multimedia, wide-ranging topics, interactive, social-media based and designed for people in the general public. Perhaps most importantly it is a nurse-led initiative; the value of nursing in policy making and healthcare innovation is often under-appreciated. It's time for nurses to have a seat at the table.


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