Robbie Bedbrook is a Registered Nurse with a passion for health promotion, social justice and primary health care.

There is no healthcare without self-care.
— Nurse Robbie, Hot on Health

Who is Nurse Robbie?

Here’s the official pitch: Robbie Bedbrook is a Registered Nurse in Primary Health Care, specialising in general practice and sexual health. He also works as a speaker, presenter and writer across topics including burnout, LGBTQI health, emotional intelligence, leadership, digital therapeutics and more. In 2016 he founded the video channel Hot on Health, which then evolved into the ‘Nurse Robbie’ umbrella of today. Nurse Robbie is an Honorary Associate Lecturer with the University of Wollongong, Australia and the outgoing Curator of the Sydney Global Shapers.

Here’s the unofficial pitch: I am someone who is learning everyday about the power of curiosity, vulnerability and empathy to change our lives and our health. I am an avid and unapologetic Kelly Clarkson fan. I love all animals, although am very scared of birds and eels. One of my biggest goals is to sing at Carols on the Domain (for some reason). Some days I feel incredibly grounded, clear and confident. Some days I feel the opposite (and that’s okay). Ultimately, all I’m trying to do is help people with their health and improve equal access to healthcare for all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, cultural background, economic status or age.

Nurse Robbie's Vision

My vision for healthcare is influenced by the story of my life. As a child, I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital with severe haemophilia; I continue to manage this today. As a primary healthcare nurse, I have worked with patients across a huge range of backgrounds. Health is about the whole person: body, mind and soul. Being well is about so much more than not being ill or injured; our health is part of who we are, it defines us. My vision is to create an ongoing conversation about health that is inclusive of all people, vulnerable in its authenticity and powerful in the change it creates at individual and systemic levels. Primary Health Care is the field that can embrace this paradigm shift and create true wellbeing.

Lastly, I want to continue to advocate for the nursing profession, the largest workforce in health. Nurses are game-changers and deserve a seat at the table of policy and decision-making. In doing so I also want to highlight the under-represented and misunderstood field of Primary Health Care Nursing, which I believe is the future of preventative health and innovation.

Fancy titles:

  • Youth Representative and Speaker, Global Conference on Primary Health Care (WHO, 2018)

  • Honorary Associate Lecturer (University of Wollongong, Australia - awarded 2018).

  • Board Director - Global Shapers Australia & New Zealand (2018-20)

  • Curator - Sydney Global Shapers (2018/19)

  • Finalist Prize - Recently Graduated Nurse of the Year 2017 (APNA).

  • Shortlisted for the Good100 PremaGyan award 2016 (GoodFestival: Lausanne, Switzerland).